Thursday, April 30, 2015

sukekiyo - aftermath - IMMORTALIS (Deluxe Edition) - video

Sukekiyo - aftermath - IMMORTALIS (Deluxe Edition).

Hajime Kinoko's shibari work for Sukekiyo's music video. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Navi - Picture Perfect - Video

NAVI - Picture Perfect (Short Film)

In 2014, NAVI released the BDSM / Shibari themed music video "Picture Perfect". The video sparked the interest of the international S&m community, but was banned on Romanian television for its explicit depiction of BDSM and bondage scenes. 

Music & lyrics: NAVI / NMC. Produced by NMC @ NMC & A.G. Productions, 2014
Music video written & directed by: Marian-Ciprian Nica (NMC)
Rigging DarkShibari -

Is that you being tied up and flogged in the video?  Do you have any previous experience in BDSM before the video or was it something that you just thought would go with your song?
Navi: Yes, it is me. In each and every deliciously painful scene. I’ve been into the BDSM lifestyle for some years now and this is a part of me as much as music is. For my partner in the video, though, the singer Florin Iordache, it was the first time to try this. He’s amazing as a musician and a close friend, we’ve worked together a lot in the past, so I was comfortable putting myself in his hands. A very important member of our team was the rigger DarkShibari of , who did the actual tying. He’s a really wonderful rigger and photographer and he’s becoming a fine Shibari master, so I am very proud to have his rope work in my first video.  
How did you get involved in the BDSM lifestyle? 
Navi: I had certain fantasies ever since I was little and then, in my teenage years, I started reading all the right books (like Pauline Reage – “The Story of O”, Marquis de Sade – “Philosophy in the Bedroom” and so on) and I started to put a name to my desires and no longer feel so alone and awkward pursuing them. I also had the chance to know the right people at the right times and explore amazing experiences, as they came my way. 
I don’t like classifications, usually, but I would say I’m a… romantic masochist. 

What is it that you enjoy about being a masochist?
Navi: It’s all about getting lost in the moment, just as it happens with good music. I think way too much in day to day life, I am the kind of woman that’s in charge of every detail, her choices, her career. I’ve always had to fight hard at every step along the way, so a good scene and moments of pain & passion are a beautiful and much-needed disconnect. As a submissive and masochist, I enjoy just getting lost in the sensations, putting myself in the hands of someone I love and deeply admire, playing on a thin line, blurring the edges a little bit…
What is it that you like about Shibari?
Navi: Paradoxically, the freedom. From the first time I was tied up, I felt this incredible “floating” sensation, this release from the weight of thoughts and from the mundane. It’s like, when the body is tied up, the mind has more space to wander.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Risqué - Tie Me Up Tie Me Down

Risqué - Tie Me Up Tie Me Down

Shot in Paris March 08'. Starring Risqué , Mallory Knox and Miss Red!
Makeup by Guilaine.