Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Spinout Munenawa by Innovative Arts

This week we're taking a look at my new flashy chest harness for public performances called the Spinout Munenawa. We combine a double column wrist tie with a clove hitch around the torso, throw a daisy chain in for a quick release, and finish with a simple chest piece held in place by friction. Remember to tie this one snugly to keep it from falling off. Also, provided that you tie off the tails when you're finished, this harness is quite sturdy, and should be up for any kind of floor play you might have in mind as long as it relies on the chest bands only. Obviously, the shoulder straps can easily come loose, so don't rely on them for anything weight bearing. Now get out there, tie this harness, and wow your friends at your next party!

Happy tying, ~Tracker

By Innovative Arts