Friday, March 1, 2013

The Youki Knot or the Boola Boola Knot - Single column tie

This is the basic non tightening cuff that is taught at Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange workshops. There are lots of different ways to tie a non tightening cuff or single column tie. You don’t have to use this one if you have another one you prefer. Whatever style of knot is used it must a) not tighten the cuff when pulled and b) remain easy to un-tie even if the knot compacts down.

The Yuki Knot
The Yuki Knot or Boola Boola Knot
1. Find the middle of your rope (the bight) and wrap it twice round the part you wish to anchor your rope to.
2. Pass the bight over and then under all the wraps
3. Make a loop in the standing end. Make sure that the loop goes in the right direction (see diagram)
4. Pass the bight through the center of the loop
5. Pull both ends to tighten and compact the knot firmly
Tied properly this cuff will not tighten no matter how much load is put on the standing end yet will be easy to undo by pulling the bight out of the loop.
Pay attention to the direction of the loop or the knot may fail.
This knot works best with natural fibre ropes and ropes with high friction.
This is the standard knot that is used in most Japanese style ties that start with a binding on the wrists and also the start of the classic box tie.