Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jennifer Evans Colours Of Bruises

Jennifer Evans Colours Of Bruises

Partially a search for playfulness with another in an awkwardly demanding and unpredictable space.

Concept, music: Jennifer Evans
Artistic direction: Dasniya Sommer, Jennifer Evans
Performance : Jennifer Evans, Emily Aoibheann
Choreography, rope installation: Dasniya Sommer
Technical rope and performance assistant: Frances d'Ath

Filmed March 2014 at Alte Kantine, Berlin.
Thanks to Alte Kantine, Alexis Volkos, Camille Boostrom, Adrien Merigeau, Anna Fiedler & Michelle Baard

First single taken from 'Works From The Dip & Foul' out in Ireland on 14th November 2014 on Delphi Label.